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JWatch - a Quartz Monitor

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I am proud to announce the release of JWatch v0.8 – An Open Source and Free Monitoring Application for the Quartz Job Scheduler. The browser-based user-interface allows developers to monitor multiple Quartz instances in real-time. In addition, a RESTful API is available for those wishing to extend the application.

Future releases will expand JWatch’s capabilities with the addition of management features, designed to make it easy for users to change Quartz Jobs and Triggers in real-time and monitor the changes.

Note: The current release of JWatch works with Quartz 2.0+. It will not work with previous versions of Quartz.

The current release of JWatch, includes the following features:

  • Monitor multiple Quartz Instances across multiple applications concurrently.

  • Monitor multiple Schedulers and Jobs per Quartz Instance.

  • Drill-down for more information in to Quartz Job and Trigger objects.

  • Real-Time monitoring of presently executing jobs.

  • RESTful JSON API for those wishing to extend the application.

  • Easy to deploy – just drop in a war and configure your instances.

  • It’s free! (LGPL)

  • Easy installation and configuration.


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